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IUOE Local 139

International Union of Operating Engineers

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A union shop that produces personalized Local 139 work wear.
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Political/Legislative News
Congratulations to Chris Abele on his re-election

Member News
Hearing aid benefit amplified

Member News
Schedule for Labor History classes listed

Contractor News
DOT announces statewide bid lettings for April

Congratulations to Chris Abele on his re-election
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We tap into Local 139's hiring hall and get the best people available and that's just huge.

Jon Kleist, general manager, Buteyn-Peterson Construction Co. Inc.

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4 Subdistrict Meeting Ashland
4 Subdistrict Meeting Green Bay
4 Appleton Retiree Meeting
5 District C Meeting Altoona
5 Subdistrict Meeting Manitowoc

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Click on the following links to learn how Operating Engineers are bettering the lives of others around the state.

Operators, Wanasek Construction help build Kenosha's 'Dream Playground'

Operating Engineers a major sponsor of Quarry Quest

Cooperative effort leads to major rifle range improvements

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